Our Story

Mersa hair studio is a family run business in Ramsgate , which started in the early 90’s.Our head poncho Micheal Salur is an inspiring individual who started the whole legacy which is now run and owned by son Mert Salur. The professional team at Mersa Hair Studio Ramsgate we believe if you love your salon and your job you will never work a day in your life.

We are truly dedicated in creating amazing hair in a welcoming cozy environment. We Individually tailor styles for each client and always feel confident in our skill to recommend only the best advice for maintaining your new do’ at home which we know at times is hard to do when u walk out of the salon.

Our love for hair speaks for itself through our quality of work that has resulted in our salon’s success over the past 22+ years. So come and see one of our top stylists at Mersa and start of your new hair legacy..


Meet The Team


Mert Salur

Mert specialising in ladies cutting & colour, Mert has a contemporary edge always pushing boundary’s and exploring new techniques to provide his clients only the best suitable styles. He has over 12 years experience and has trained with exceptional stylists in the past. Merts “scissor over combo” technique on men’s cutting also makes him a very particular and precise stylist.



Maryanne is always keeping up with her fashion and new trends. This young stylist, is an exceptional colourist and has a passion for styling gorgeous do’s daily this is what makes Maryanne’s a passionate hair dresser.